June 30, 2022

Swift Bunny and National Apartment Association Release 2022 Mental and Emotional Health White Paper

Results and summary identify trends in employee wellbeing for rental housing operators

Swift Bunny, providers of multifamily-specific employee engagement and feedback solutions, partnered with the National Apartment Association (NAA) to conduct a second nationwide survey to monitor and evaluate trends in employee mental health and wellbeing. The goals of the study were to identify changes in multifamily employees’ mental and emotional health since the inaugural study conducted in fall of 2021, continue to raise awareness of this critically important topic, and identify areas that require attention. The collaborators have published a white paper titled Mental and Emotional Health Survey Results and Summary 2022 which is available for immediate download by NAA members and non-members. Findings of the study were presented at NAA’s Apartmentalize education conference last week in San Diego, California, and instructions will be forthcoming on how NAA members may access the recording from this session.

The research report is based on an analysis of anonymous surveys completed by over 3,600 multifamily employees nationwide. Survey topics were positive statements and employees were asked how much they agreed with each as well as how important the topic was to them. The results of the two-dimensional survey approach and correlation analyses reveal the current experience of rental housing employees, areas of relative strength, immediate opportunities for improvement, and trends compared to the initial survey.

Here are some noteworthy findings:

·        The lowest scoring topics were related to stress about workload and respondents’ mental health interfering with their personal lives.

·        Nearly one-third of all employees (32%) reported their mental and emotional health has interfered with their personal lives in the last month, down from 42% in fall 2021.

·        A significant 40% of respondents had to take time off in the past year due to not feeling emotionally well enough to do their jobs. 15% took one week or longer.

·        Over 38% responded they did not agree or were neutral that their company offers resources to help support employee mental and emotional health.

Doug Miller, Swift Bunny’s partner and Chief Research Officer, remarked, “I commend the National Apartment Association for taking the lead on this important topic and preparing to provide resources to their members and the industry. Successful companies rely upon a high-performing workforce, and employers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to support their associates’ mental and emotional wellbeing in order to achieve results. Our research illustrates the areas where employees are struggling and provides a framework for employers to make improvements to positively impact the work experience.” Jen Piccotti, Swift Bunny’s Chief Learning Officer, agreed: “The findings indicate that while there are improvements over the fall of 2021, clear opportunities remain for rental housing and supplier partner leaders to positively impact their team members’ mental and emotional health.”

Download the complete Mental and Emotional Health Survey Results and Summary 2022 here.