January 12, 2022

Swift Bunny Announces 2021 Employee Choice Award Winners

Achievement recognizes strong company culture and sustained employee engagement

Swift Bunny, provider of Ingage by Swift Bunny™ employee lifecycle feedback system, today published the winners of the 2021 Employee Choice Award.

The 2021 Employee Choice Award recognizes Ingage by Swift Bunny™ clients who achieved an exceptional overall Engagement Score as of December 31st, 2021. The Engagement Score is based on confidential employee feedback surveys completed by the company’s team members throughout the calendar year. An exceptional Engagement Score is an indication that company leaders care about employee feedback and are committed to creating positive, productive workplaces, maximizing employee engagement, minimizing employee turnover, and sustaining a culture where employees feel valued.

We are pleased to recognize the following winners, listed in alphabetical order: 

Joe P. Bailey, Swift Bunny’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, said, “The companies who achieved an Employee Choice Award are to be commended for putting their people first. Focusing on the employee experience leads to superior customer service, community stability, and a stronger bottom line.” Added Tammy Chivers Baker, Swift Bunny’s Chief Product Officer, “We’re headed into a New Year with a lot of uncertainty. But here’s what we can all be sure of: the most urgent concern for rental housing providers is the stability of their teams. Apartment communities simply can’t deliver on their service commitments to residents and prospects when they are short-staffed or when teams are inexperienced or disengaged. The Employee Choice Award winners have an undeniable competitive advantage. I look forward to watching their accomplishments in 2022.”

The apartment industry houses 40.1M residents. Operation of the country’s apartment homes contributes $175.2B to local economies each year, including $58.0B in property taxes, creating 341K jobs. Additionally, apartment construction contributes $150.1B to the country’s economy annually, creating 752K jobs. In a 2021 survey of rental housing providers conducted by the National Apartment Association, respondents were asked to identify their top challenges. 74% of respondents chose HR, staffing, and recruitment as their biggest area of concern with high salary demands, low morale, and labor shortages among the specific concerns cited.