Job candidates have abundant choices today. How do you stand out from the pack to fill your open property management positions? Assuming that pay and benefits are equal among various job opportunities, employment candidates look at these key factors when deciding whether or not to say ‘yes’ to an employment offer:

  • Opportunity for career development and growth
  • A workplace environment that seems appealing
  • An employer whose demonstrated values match their own

The multifamily employers who earned Swift Bunny’s 2021 Employee Choice Award do an outstanding job of showcasing their company culture and commitment to employees. Here are some examples, borrowed from their social channels, of their messaging that surely helps them appeal to potential new employees.

Career Development and Growth

Hats off to Avanti Residential and Steadfast Management for spotlighting their team members who earned promotions. Job candidates who see these posts will feel confident that these companies offer opportunities for future growth.

This post from Apartment Dynamics celebrates one of their team members for growing his skills through the state apartment association’s leadership program. In addition to giving praise to this employee, Apartment Dynamics is also showing how they are supportive of learning and growth. This is so important to job-seekers!

Workplace Environment

I love how P.B. Bell shines a spotlight on individual contributors. This social share leads to a blog post that explains more about the leasing position. What a brilliant way to educate someone who is unfamiliar with multifamily and try to tempt them into the field!

This post from Burkley Communities does a couple of things at once: it rewards and celebrates an individual contributor and shows off that this person has been with the firm for 20 years. That’s a LONG time! Job candidates are likely to see the post and think, “That must be a great place to work if people stick around that long!”

Values in Action

This is just one of many posts from The Morgan Group that show how they celebrate their high-performing employees. Note how they showcase not just the individual’s performance, but how it aligns with their values: “Chris truly embodies the key values that MORGAN has in place and strives to go above and beyond in his role.”

One of P.B. Bell’s core values is “Show You Care.” Check out this social share and the blog post it links to which highlights the company’s extreme generosity (and the good time team members had while doing good.)

Finally, here is the team at OneStreet Residential celebrating their community service efforts as contributors to the annual Food Drive led by the Atlanta Apartment Association. Who wouldn’t be inspired to be a part of this team of big-hearted movers and shakers who raised more than $22,000 for their local community? Great work, OneStreet team!

Do you have vacant positions to fill? Take a page from Swift Bunny’s 2021 Employee Choice Award Winners’ book and highlight your inspiring workplace culture on your social channels. Just as you are evaluating your job candidates to see if they are a good fit, job candidates are evaluating your company and are eager to learn everything they can about what it is like to work there. Emphasize your employee-friendly policies and programs to give you an edge when recruiting.