National Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner. If you are looking for low-cost, high-impact employee appreciation ideas, we have compiled a list just for you!

The Best Parking Spot

A small, yet mighty, reward. Especially in areas where parking is a daily challenge. By awarding the prized parking spot – maybe it’s closest to the entrance or elevator – it provides that extra convenience that can kick off the morning or a return from lunch in the most positive way, and it’s a visual reminder to all their co-workers (and residents) that this employee is Top Dog for their accomplishment. Provide it as recognition for a week at a time so the employee gets to truly luxuriate in the win.

Office Upgrade

The corner office, the manager’s office, any office at all can be a sign of achievement, which makes this in-office perk a major plus. Awarding use of the prime office space for a day or week is a tangible – and comfortable – designation of achieving a goal or going above and beyond. In addition, it’s a great way for a leader to demonstrate their willingness to elevate their team above themselves, rather than separate themselves in their ivory tower.

Lunch with Leadership

The benefits for this perk are two-fold: the employee has the unique opportunity to spend quality time with “the boss”, and that leader gains a personal view of an employee’s experience with the company. Win-win. By receiving personal recognition from a senior member of management and being able to share ideas, perspectives and insights about their own work experience, a sense of connection and loyalty can be significantly reinforced – and you know other employees will hear all the details!

Breakfast is Served (by Management)

It is fun to be waited on, and that is why teams love being rewarded with a meal that is served to them by the management team. With team leaders as the wait staff, and the reward recipients as the guests, it’s a great way to even out the org chart for a moment and enjoy a different kind of camaraderie. Take it to the next level by asking management team members to bring in their own signature dish – or better yet, cook it on site!

Back Office Day

After asking people who work on site what their ideal rewards would be, some version of this concept came up – A LOT. They dream of a day where they don’t have to answer any phones, don’t have to deal with any residents, and can just get some peace and quiet to catch up on outstanding work.

Dress Down Day

Sometimes our professional dress standards can be a little stifling for employees, and the freedom to wear what you want can be liberating. Give people a chance to show off their own style and express themselves a bit, within reason, of course (no pajamas in the office, please!) This one works well as a team reward, so that you don’t wind up with a “one of these things is not like the other” moment that causes confusion to your customers.

Long Lunch Break

How about stretching the lunch break to two hours just for one day? It’s an easy, low cost reward that can feel like a very big win for your team member. Whether they tackle a personal appointment, take a power nap, or catch up on their Netflix series, they’re sure to return refreshed and recharged.



Treating your staff to any or a combination of these inexpensive employee appreciation options is sure to give them a morale boost and convey your gratitude.

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