Behind the Scenes

It's a Bunny Story

Curious about the origin of our company name? Excellent!
That means our marketing magic is working.

Boomer and Basil, Jefferson's pets

What's with the weird name?

Rather than choosing a moniker that describes what we do, our fun-loving founder thought, why not pick something that generates interest, piques curiosity, or creates buzz?

Flash forward to a brainstorming lunch between founder Joe Bailey and COO Jefferson Morris. Jefferson is a pet person, and the conversation turned to his furry family—when inspiration struck.

“We’ve got to have a bunny in the name!” exclaimed Joe. After all, there’s so much to like about bunnies. First, they’re irresistibly adorable. I mean, who can look at a bunny without smiling?

Second, using “bunny” in the name feels lighthearted and fun—much like our founding team, and much like the professionals who make up the multifamily business.

Third, think of all the bunnies in pop culture: the Energizer Bunny (“Just keeps going!”), the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland, Fiver and friends in Watership Down, Bugs Bunny, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog of Monty Python fame (a personal favorite of Doug Miller’s)…how about the bunny slippers Val Kilmer’s character wears in the classic 80’s movie Real Genius?

Last, there’s a magic to bunnies. After all, a hat is just a hat…until a bunny appears.

The more Joe thought about bunnies, the more he liked them. The new company name was going to include this endearing, fun, and magical animal.

Of course, the name needed something more. “If you’re going to get by as a bunny,” Joe thought, “you’ve got to be fast. And when a multifamily leader discovers a problem in their organization, they have to act fast, too.”

And that’s how Swift Bunny was born.

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